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Animal Behavior Therapist

Corey Cohen

Corey Cohen, Director of A New Leash On Life since 1984, has extensive experience working with dogs as an Animal Behavior Therapist.  He won his first trophy for dog obedience at the age of ten. Since then, he has devoted his life to studying and understanding animal emotions and behavior. From his degree in Psychology to his 35 years of Mindfulness study (the mind of the animal) and his certification in Emotional Intelligence, he has the ability to "see through your pet's eyes". His scientific approach and unique ability to understand animals enables each pet he works with to develop to its fullest potential. He holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology, Certification in Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence, and is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. 

His lifetime of success includes consulting to animal psychologists, dog trainers, show handlers, breeders, veterinarians, Police K-9 units, noted psychologists, and famous Hollywood actors, sports figures and musicians to manage the most extreme behavior problems.  He also works extensively with animal shelters, and was the former state-wide Branch Director of Behavior at the Pennsylvania SPCA, overseeing all four of the satellite shelters and rehabilitating the most problematic animals. He is also the creator of Mindfulness-Based Animal Behavior Therapy℠. His seminars and classes have motivated and inspired animal health professionals, trainers, and behaviorists.  He takes pride in the achievements of each pet/owner relationship, and gives 100% of himself to each case.

In his spare time, Corey enjoys photography, playing guitar, and spending time with his family and his 2 dogs and 4 cats. He teaches Mindfulness and volunteers with many animal rescue organizations.


Behavior consultant to veterinarians across NJ, NY, VT, and PA
Former instructor for continuing education (behavior) for veterinarians - Oradell Animal Hospital, NJ
Behavior consultant to many animal shelters and rescue groups in PA,VT, NY, & NJ
Creator of Mindfulness-Based Animal Behavior Therapy℠ and Kenzoku-do℠
Produced "A New Leash On Life" 6 episode Television Series (NY cable)
Qualified in New York, New Jersey, and Vermont to give expert Testimony in cases involving aggressive dogs
Aggression & Severe Problem Specialist
Co-authored "Walking the Path of Success with your Dog"
Cornell University, Canine Behavior Problem Solving
Pace University, B.S. Psychology, B.A. Philosophy
ICMT, Masters Metaphysical Theology

Certified in Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence 
Certified Mindfulness Instructor (the Mind of the Animal)
Certified Canine Behavioral Massage

Former Consultant to Police K-9 Units - Stony Point, NY & Brooklyn, NY
Training Director Big Apple Schutzhund Club
Training Director K9 Search & Rescue - Sutton,VT
Behavior Director of Vermont Center for Animal Behavior, 1995-2001

Branch Behavior & Operations Director Pennsylvania SPCA, 2009-2012
Known as "The Dog Hugger™"

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